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School Programs

Since the opening of the FWWIC, tens of thousands of teachers and students have visited and participated in our unique programs created to meld the science, technology, engineering, art & architecture and math (STEAM) behind providing drinking water, protecting our source water and within a regional urban watershed. We have designed programs that are suitable for all grades and that meet both Pennsylvania and New Jersey Educational Standards.

To request a program, please fill out our online request form.

We offer a number of themed lessons.
They are two hours in length and have a hands-on component; each lesson can be adapted to any age.
Sign up for one lesson or for a series.
Free to students in the City of Philadelphia.
Suggested donation between $5 and $10 per student outside the city limits.
Bus transportation may be available to schools with a demonstrated need on a request basis (use online form).

Water in Our World (K-12) is an excellent overview lesson about water: past, present and future. A good introductory program that sets the foundation for further study.
Subject areas: Science, Social Studies, Art and Language Arts

Green City Clean Waters: Following Nature’s Lead (K-12) helps students calculate the benefits of 21st-century watershed management tools that transform the cityscape from grey to green.
Subject areas: STE(A)M- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math; Environmental Studies

Land and Water: A Delicate Balance  (3-6) is a lesson about the growth of the city and its environmental impact on water quality historically through present day.
Subject areas: Social Studies, Environmental Studies

From Streams to Sewers: Building a City Infrastructure (4-8) focuses on an urban scale drainage system for stormwater above ground and in the sewers under out streets to help students better understand our public water system.
Subject areas: Geography/Landforms; Environmental Studies

Building as Machine: Water for the City (6-12) explores the innovative engineering behind the original water-powered pumps of this National Historic Landmark.
Subject areas: STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; History of Technology

Seeing is Believing: A Drop in the Bucket (6-12) is a laboratory-based program that utilizes real-time freshwater samples from the Schuylkill River to observe, record and draw microscopic life in the river.
Subject areas: Biological and environmental sciences

Global Water Action: Engineering a 21st-Century Solution (1-12) makes global connections to people, issues and solutions related to access to clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene in other parts of the world.
Subject areas: Global citizenship/international service

Environmental Justice: A Historical Perspective (7-12) explores the complex issues related to providing and protecting the public water supply through the lens of 19th century industrial Philadelphia. Students will role-play various points of view and debate about who should be take responsibility.

College/University Programs

We offer general tours, enhanced lectures, lab programs and bus tours of Best Management Practices to College/University students related to Engineering, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Aquatic Biology and Chemistry and Global Water and Sustainability.

Out-of-School Time Programs

Internship, community service projects and mentoring opportunities are available. Application and interview required – the application will be posted here.


Teacher workshops are customized to align with State academic and Core standards to assist teachers in enhancing both their field trip experiences and classroom learning related to urban water education.

Summer Program

A two-hour theme-based field trip experience for children rising 3rd  through 6th graders. It is designed to be both fun and educational (and sometimes a little bit wet too). We change the theme every year so our repeat  “customers” will find something new. It is open to camp groups, recreation centers, summer school programs and any other youth-related programs. Morning and afternoon time slots are available from July through mid-August. These programs are free to any group in the City of Philadelphia and $7 per child outside the City limits. To schedule a visit, complete the online summer program request form.