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The importance of water and its conservation has been stressed since the dawn of the century. With water forming the backbone of many important trades like agriculture, industries and recreation, there is an ever increasing need to manage water resources, just like you have to manage your finances well if you are to trade using the Brit method.

What are water resources?

Water resources refers to naturally occurring sources of water which is useful in various ways. As water, especially fresh water plays a very important role in various fields from agriculture to domestic use to entertainment, effective management of these resources become very important

Water resources management

Managing the available water resources effectively and ensuring that there is enough water for everyone in the future is called water resources management. The different sources of water are as below

  • Rainwater – It is the purest form of water and is a major source of freshwater
  • Surface water – Water resources such as lakes, rivers, reservoirs constitute the surface water
  • Ground water – Water from underground wells and springs are the sources of groundwater
  • Sea water – Water in the ocean forms the largest part of earth’s water but needs to be desalinated in order to make it as fresh water

Use of water resources

Water is used almost everywhere, but here are a few areas where it is largely used

  • Agriculture – This takes up most of the water that we use and accounts for almost 70% of the total water used.
  • Industries – Water is also important in many manufacturing industries and is also required in other industries like oil refineries, power plants etc.
  • Household – The most important use of water that we are familiar with is for domestic uses like bathing, cooking, drinking, cleaning etc.
  • Recreation – Water is also used in recreational activities like swimming, water theme parks etc.
  • Environment – Artificial water bodies are also created to reduce surrounding temperature especially in very hot areas.

Why businesses are into water resources management?

As we live in a world that depends on water for almost all of its activities, water security is something that comes even before food security. In fact because agriculture depends on a continuous supply of water, it is very important to have water security in place.

There are many countries in the world that are under what is called ‘water stress’. This means they do not have enough of fresh water to meet their basic requirements. This is why many businesses in collaboration with the government are into water resources management. This is a mutually beneficial strategy and it helps the human race as a whole.

Water resource Engineer

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to work with water? That is what Water resource engineers do. A water resource engineer is responsible for designing equipment that handle the water resources. They can be found working in water treatment facilities, natural springs, sea water and underground water.

With more and more businesses investing their money in water resources management, they is also a proportional increase in the demand for water resource engineers. Many colleges and universities offer master’s courses in water resources. Water resource engineers are also well paid and get employed in various federal, state, local and other engineering firms.

Due to the recent heavy flooding, the Fishway Cam has been disabled. We hope to restore the camera in the near future. Thank you for your patience.